I want to wear a replica watch who give me

The last time when traveling off vacantly vast,
The results put my watch in a green legacy small pocket never came back
it was my aunt gived me admitted to National Cheng Kung University Department of Medicine presents it,
As they migrate to Australia two months later I was lost my replica watch.

Although I told myself that it’s not only I lost replica watch
I also thank XinAnting comfort her with balabi also lost the replica watch in the same accident,
But I can’t live without replica watch
I always rejected my mother put in my hands bracelets or bracelets and other jewelry since I grew up
Because I have to wear a watch,
I like to control the time by myself,
So I was small my mom said I will do a career girl.

Yesterday, I went to watch with my boyfriend ,
I’m surprised many watches are selling expensive exception,
People do not buy expensive replica watch,because there are too expensive.
I used to fancy metal replica watch with a few simple type circular surface,
But the one price is too expensive , and secondly, there have been relatively
my boyfriend’s views with me,
He felt the same money to buy a large surface,
More stylish but also feel more material.

But I never wear a watch accustomed to large surface,
And I can not say there is another reason of psychological disorders,
So yesterday was not a decision, I feel that he gives me a my like replica watch.
Otherwise, I would go home to dig out those old fake watch trim to wear like to change the battery.

I’m so accustomed to empty wrist,
And I do not know what time, it is in fear.


If I without wear watches a day,

I would feel helpless and insecure


A few years ago

When my boyfriend gives my watch is broken

I have never bought a replica watch


Ever I wanted to take my replica watch to repair

Later I have to be dropped

Because This network of mind are deep

Let me see the replica watch will continue to think my old boyfriend

I do not want to hate him so never buy a replica watch


Although two years ago

Singapore’s brother give me a man replica watch from a lot of replica watches on his desk.

Unfortunately, missed the replica watch
I return to Taiwan will not long time I broke the replica watch

Distressed brother’s mind can not do anything


You are the first to ask me

Why I not wear a replica watch

Your attentive to my surprise


Although I have a mobile phone alternative Watches


Replica Watch still has its function exists


I noticed your replica watch

It is my favorite watch brand

Also I like the watch brand


Although very little meet

There is very little talk to you

So we meet the will cherish , Is right?


You say you have secretly pay attention to me?

Oh ~

It seems my nerves very rough … not found! (Shame ^^)


I think

My next one watch

Or I do right something on that day

Buy one replica watch to reward yourself

Or my friend Ana give me a replica watch !!

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